Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spiral Bound Rant

So, spiral bound notebooks. If the spiral is on top, then you can push the paper up and continue writing on the surface of the tablet. If the spiral is on the side, then your hand is off the tablet when you write on the last few lines of the page. The thicker the notebook, the more noticeable this is.

I like to write; I write mostly every day. I prefer top bound notebooks. I tried to buy one yesterday and the only one I could find was $6 for 70 pages, whereas a similar notebook that was side bound was $2. I used to be able to buy one brand that I liked, that had decent paper at a reasonable price. But, yesterday I could not find it. Apparently, it wasn't popular enough to keep it in stock.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Home Is a Black Hole of Need

This last couple of weeks have been different in the Cat House because it's Christmas vacation and Nameless doesn't work his day job, therefore he doesn't set his alarm clock. When I get to the kitchen in the morning to make my coffee I am faced with a Very Distressed and Neglected Clarice, who vocalizes her opinion of Christmas break and how the lack of alarm clocks is affecting her life. Without the alarm, she doesn't know when it's time to sit on top of Nameless so that he can pet her, and this throws her entire schedule off. Heartbroken, she is barely able to squeak out a pitiful meow, hoping beyond hope that somebody will find her in her loneliness, scoop her into their arms and rescue her from the despair that has engulfed her life. It takes quite a bit of cooing and cuddling to console a heartbroken, neglected cat. Butterbean is more relaxed about it and simply wants her face brushed, and Charlotte can't really be bothered to get down from the bed. (Getting down from that height is actually quite a bit of work for Charlotte.) As I make my coffee I feel eyes on me from the dining room. Richella is waiting to hear the clink of the ceramic cat dish indicating that it's time for gravy, while Clarice is more vocal about breakfast and an insistent Thump Thump Thump comes from Butterbean rubbing her face against her favorite brush on the kitchen table.