Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vorakit Chinookoswong


Here's a piece of art I own. The artist is Vorakit Chinookoswong, otherwise known as Chin. I tried to take a picture of it on the bookshelf next to my beloved books, but the light wouldn't cooperate. So, since I had to take it outside I decided to show it next to a brilliantly green potato vine. 

I don't know Chin incredibly well, but I believe he is originally from Thailand, and was brought up to learn Japanese. (I learned this on the same evening we were in the back of my friend's [Namless] van – singing Abba songs from a Mamma Mia soundtrack.) As an artist, I believe he has been throwing pottery for about 294,794,742 years. (This has not been verified.) My artist friends and  my artist groupie friends all seem to have his work. I was whining about this heavily for around a year before Nameless finally broke down and got me a piece for myself.

His glazes have evolved through the years. I like the more subtle colors of his best. I especially like this one; it looks like it's old and worn off in places. He described the glaze to me once and it didn't stick in my brain, but I do know that he had to go out of his way to achieve that effect. 

All in all I like this piece. It makes me happy. 

More later,

e A r n i e

My Chin ceramic pot with his signature frog

P.S. I guess I should mention that Chin has a website: If you go there tell him eArnie sent you.


  1. I like it... I can't say I'm all the "into art" as far as knowing who's who, other than Dahli, but I kinda like this piece. It's unique and interesting much like the author of this blog! ;o) I think you made the better option for photographing it outside, the picture is incredible - looks like one you'd see in a catalog or magazine. Such a talented man you are!

  2. Thank you for the compliment. As far as art goes I mostly know the friends that I have and their friends... I'm not really up on the really important artists. But, I'd rather have a hand-thrown set of dishes any day over a department store set.


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